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Our story

LGBTS.London is the creation of Steve Rice and Naomi Bennett.

Steve and Naomi originally met in 2008 through an LGBT sports club. Life plodded along as it tends to in London. In 2016 their paths crossed again in the front carriage of the Sevenoaks train on their home late one evening. Realising they now lived in the same borough they reconnected and decided to catch up.

Fate stepped in when Naomi came across a psychic Bingo event at the local MECCA Bingo. She messaged all her LGBT friends in the borough via Facebook suggesting a local social. Steve, who rarely ever uses his Facebook account just so happened to log in that day and saw the invite. Fast forward to the event itself and after 6 hours of bingo, chatting and lots of fun LGBTS.London as a concept was well on its way.

Steve’s driver for creating LGBTS.London is purely down to social isolation. He is a very social and bubbly guy and yet he has struggled to find people to socialise with locally in the boroughs. He was frustrated by the lack of events, social spaces and also ways to even find people – especially given Lewisham’s reputation as a borough full to the rafters with LGBT people!

Naomi jumped on board with this project because it is completely aligned with her ethos around supporting and connecting the community and ensuring that everyone is able to reach and access other LGBT people as well as empowering the community to connect.